Jul 11, 2019

Child Rearing Allowance: Report of Present Circumstances

Those who are currently approved to receive the Allowance (including those whose payments have been temporarily stopped) should submit the Report of Present Circumstances (Genkyo Todoke). The reports will be sent to eligible people in July, so please fill them in and submit them to your local ward office between August 1 and September 2.

To those who have received the Allowance for the past 5 years, a Report of Exception Cause (Jyogai Todoke) is also enclosed. Please submit Jyogai Todoke and its related documents with Genkyo Todoke. 

Inquiries: Kodomo Seishonen-kyoku Kodomo Katei-ka (045) 680-1192 (Japanese), or Kodomo Katei Shien-ka of your local Ward Office

Child Rearing Allowance: Report of Present Circumstances photo



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