Mar 5, 2018

High School Financial Aid Available

High School Financial Aid Available

Financial aid is available for high school students (public and private/within Yokohama and outside Yokohama) who exhibit high academic performance (grade point average of 4.0 and above) and personal qualities, but who have difficulties paying tuition (combined household income of 8 million yen or less). The parents or guardians of the students must be residing within the city of Yokohama.

Scholarship: For about 480 people; 5,000 yen per month

                       *There will be a screening process. *No need to pay back

To Apply: Fill out an application form available at high schools or the Public Relations Section (Koho-sodan kakari) of your local ward office. An application form is available from March 12. You must apply via your high school.

Application Period: until April 27

Inquiries: (045) 671-3272 (Japanese only)

URL (Japanese)

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