Jun 7, 2018

Coming-of-Age Ceremony

Those who turn 20 years old are considered to have become adults. This special event celebrates those who turn 20 years old this fiscal year.

Eligibility: Those who were born between April 2, 1998 and April 1, 1999 and have residential registry in Yokohama.

Date&Time: Jan.14 (holiday); 10:30-/14:30-

Ceremony starting at 10:30: For those who live in Aoba, Asahi, Kanagawa, Kohoku, Tsuzuki, Nishi, Hodogaya, and Midori ward

Ceremony starting at 14:30: For those who live in Izumi, Isogo, Kanazawa, Konan, Sakae, Seya, Tsurumi, Totsuka, Naka, and Minami ward

Location: Yokohama Arena (5 min walk from Shin Yokohama Stn on JR/ Municipal Subway)

Fee: Free

To Apply: Invitations will be mailed to eligible persons in early December.

Inquiries: Board of Education Secretariat, Lifelong Learning and Cultural Assets Division (045) 671-3282 (Japanese)

URL (Japanese)

Coming-of-Age Ceremony photo



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