May 18, 2018

Suicidal man fatally stabs stranger at Nagoya manga cafe

Suicidal man fatally stabs stranger at Nagoya manga cafe photo

NAGOYA - A 22-year-old man allegedly stabbed a stranger to death at a manga cafe in central Nagoya late Thursday after becoming frustrated that he was unable to take his own life, police said.

Fumihiro Inada was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after police received an emergency call from the cafe in Naka Ward around 8:25 p.m. and found a man collapsed on the floor of the cafe.

The man, later identified as Tomoyuki Otake, a 35-year-old bank employee from Owariasahi, Aichi Prefecture, sustained multiple stab wounds to the head, neck and chest, and died about an hour later due to loss of blood, they said.

"I stabbed because I was angry I could not die," Inada was quoted by the police as saying.

He also told the police he was annoyed by the sound coming from a nearby booth occupied by Otake and shouted at him shortly before attacking him, according to investigative sources.

"I was annoyed by the sound and I slashed (Otake)," Inada allegedly told investigators.

Inada said he found a knife about a week ago and had been carrying it around thinking he would kill someone if there was something he did not like, the sources said.

The suspect was holding a fruit knife and resisted arrest when police officers arrived at the scene, according to the police.

Inada and the victim had arrived at the cafe shortly past 6 p.m. and shortly before 8 p.m., respectively, entering separate booths one booth apart. The two did not know each other, they said.

Otake sometimes went to manga cafes to study for certification exams, according to people close to his family.




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