Nov 30, 2018

Man caught after sharing his drift driving videos on Instagram

FUKUOKA - A 31-year-old man in southwestern Japan was referred to prosecutors on Thursday after sharing on Instagram videos of him drift driving that he had his elementary- school-age son and others take, police said.

The man in Soeda, Fukuoka Prefecture, who has allegedly uploaded more than 20 similar videos since September last year, told investigators he wanted people to see his driving technique and said he was "happy" when the number of his Instagram followers increased, the police said.

Man caught after sharing his drift driving videos on Instagram photo

(Screenshot of an Instagram post showing drift driving)

Drift driving involves sliding a car sideways through a turn.

A person who viewed the videos contacted the police.

The man was charged with violating traffic laws by expanding the width of a small truck beyond the legal limit so as to fit wide tires and drift driving on a road in the prefecture in May this year.



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