Sep 18, 2018

Railway services to Osaka's typhoon-hit Kansai airport resume

Railway services to Osaka's typhoon-hit Kansai airport resume photo

TOKYO - Railway services to Kansai International Airport resumed Tuesday, restoring the main transport link to western Japan's major international gateway two weeks after a powerful typhoon ripped through the region.

West Japan Railway Co. and Nankai Electric Railway Co. restarted their services to the airport from early morning. About 80 percent of users of the airport, which sits on a manmade island in Osaka Bay, arrive by train.

Typhoon Jebi, which made a landfall in the country's west on Sept. 4, brought storm tides that flooded one of the airport's two runways and the No. 1 terminal building, which typically services about 400 flights daily.

Railway services to Osaka's typhoon-hit Kansai airport resume photo

The storm also broke a tanker ship from its moorings and sent it crashing into the sole road and rail bridge connecting the airport with the mainland, causing major damage and stranding an estimated 8,000 passengers and staff at the airport.

Kansai airport has attracted a growing number of foreign passengers in recent years, particularly from China, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries, as it has been expanded for budget airlines.



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