Oct 7, 2018

Japan sees record high temperature for October

Japan sees record high temperature for October photo

TOKYO - Japan was bathed in unfamiliar heat for October on Saturday, marking a record 36.0 C in Niigata Prefecture due to a typhoon that brought warm air while moving across the Sea of Japan, the weather agency said.

Some cities in Niigata, north of Tokyo, surpassed or matched the previous monthly record of 35.1 C, marked in 2013 also in the prefecture. The new record temperature was logged in the city of Sanjo around 2:40 p.m., the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The temperature also hit 35.7 C in the city of Joetsu, 35.3 C in Nagaoka and 35.1 C in Kashiwazaki.

The agency called on the public to guard against heat stroke and heat exhaustion as temperatures topped 30 C in many areas.



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