Apr 15, 2019

Woman arrested for leaving baby after giving birth in store bathroom

Woman arrested for leaving baby after giving birth in store bathroom photo

SAITAMA, Japan - A woman was arrested Monday for attempted murder over the abandonment of a newborn baby in a toilet bowl, after giving birth in a convenience-store bathroom in eastern Japan, police said.

Yuria Moriizumi, 24, delivered the baby girl in the bathroom of the store in Niiza, Saitama Prefecture, on Jan. 24, before leaving her in the bowl with the lid shut.

The baby was suffering from hypothermia when found, and was taken to hospital soon after. She is now in a stable condition.

"I couldn't raise the child on my own, and I hadn't told my parents about the pregnancy," the unmarried woman said, according to police.

Moriizumi was in a car with her family when she complained of stomach pains, so they stopped at the convenience store.

The family had not noticed her pregnancy and only became aware of the situation when they took her to a hospital after seeing blood on the car seat once they got back home.

The convenience-store manager called police after the discovery of the baby girl, while the hospital treating Moriizumi also notified police.



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