Jan 15, 2019

Tuna auction public viewing starts at Toyosu fish market

Tuna auction public viewing starts at Toyosu fish market photo

TOKYO - Public viewing of tuna auctions at Tokyo's Toyosu fish market started Tuesday after the market's relocation from nearby Tsukiji in October, with about 70 people observing the event from behind glass on an upper-level deck.

At Tsukiji, visitors were able to get close to the auction area and the event was popular among tourists. But the Toyosu market decided to have them see the bidding from a deck about 3 meters higher than the area due to concerns over sanitation and safety.

For 30 minutes from 5:45 a.m., the spectators observed and photographed the auction, with bells ringing at the opening and dealers raising their voices.

The capacity for the daily event, which is free of charge, is set at 120 people and 128 visitors had applied for the auction viewing Tuesday in advance via the internet or by phone.

"Although I found it less thrilling than Tsukiji, which I had visited before, I thought the auction was conducted in a cleaner and safer environment," said a 52-year-old man from Tokyo's Minato Ward.

Joe Justice, a 39-year-old man from the United States, said he found the sounds and smell of the auction exciting.

Visitors without reservations can get a glimpse of the tuna bidding from the general tour course, which is farther from the auction area than the deck.

The Toyosu market is basically open to the public from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, except for national holidays and Wednesdays.



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